Lacking of a port, only few cruise lines could enjoy the natural and archaeological sources of Bodrum by staying at anchorage and in the place where now the great port complex stands only a deserted small hill was facing the blue water of Bodrum. Since March 2008, the time the Port launched its operations, cruise vessels are welcomed by a full ISPS certified port in Bodrum Cruise Port and have the possibility to enjoy the treasures of the region in a safe and secure environment. Bodrum Cruise Port is located 36 km from the Milas International Airport and few minute walk to the city center. The Port has the capacity to service at least two large cruise vessels at a time together with three motorboats. There is a Sea Shuttle service available linking Bodrum Cruise Port and the city centre making five return trips a day between the hours of 9.00 and 17.00.

The newly built pier (2011) has a length of 350 meters (1148.2ft) on the longer side and 330 meters (1082.6ft) on the inside, with a width of 15 meters (49.2ft). The draft is -9 meters in the shallow part of the pier and -23 (75.4ft) meters at the end of the pier. Other than the cruise pier, the Port has various quays ranging from 3m (9.8ft) to 6m (19.7ft), totalling to 300m (984ft). In addition to the quays, the Port harbours three ferryboat ramps.

The Port has a total area of 22,000 m² (236,800ft²) with a beautiful terminal building in total harmony with the pure blue Mediterranean and Aegean blue waters meeting and mixing here in the city of Bodrum but also the whitewashed houses, which look like a dusting of new snow on the mountaintop and.


IMO Port ID No: TRBXN-0006

LOCATION: 37° 01’ 30” N, 27° 26’ 13” E

Quays: 1 (350m)

Passenger terminals: 1

Anchorage: Yes

Bunkering: Yes

Duty Free shops: Yes

Duration of clearance: 15 min

ATM at terminal: Yes

Taxi rank: Yes

Maximum draft: 23m

Min/Max stay: None

Compulsory pilotage: Yes

Tug boats: Yes

Waste reception: Yes

Bus park: Yes (up to 100)

Public Telephones: Yes

Postal Service at terminal: Yes

Fresh water supply: Yes (20 square meters /Hrs)