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Contributing to the development of the community and economical structure of the region by adhering to social, environmental, legal and ethical values and creating value for our customers and employees,



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• Respect to the Environment and Community

• Co-operation Development

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HopaPort is located at the eastern border of Eastern Black Sea, and 15 kilometers from Sarp Border Crossing which constitutes the border between CIS and Republic of Georgia.

Project design was completed in 1962 for the first time; the construction of the Port commenced in 1963, and the completed sections was brought into service in 1972. Operated under the title HopaPort Authority, affiliated with Denizcilik Bankası T.A.O. (Maritime Bank), Trabzon Port Authority Directorate at first, and with partial ongoing distribution works, HopaPort was transformed to independent Authority Directorate within the body of Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş. General Directorate (Turkey Maritime Organization) in August 1986.

Continuing its operations under Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş. Hopa Port Authority Directorate, HopaPort was privatized on the date of June 17, 1997 pursuant to the resolution of Prime Ministry Privatization Administration High Board of Privatization published in the Official Gazette dated May 9, 1997 and numbered 22984 regarding the privatization by method of transferring the operating rights for a period of 30 years, and transferred to Park Denizcilik Ve Hopa Liman İşletmeleri A.Ş. by Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş. effective by the date of June 27, 1997

Operating the HopaPort, privatized in 1997, HopaPort continues to contribute to the country’s economy with loading, unloading, terminal, storage, pilotage, rescue and liquid filling facility operations. With its geographical location, HopaPort is considered as the gate of Eastern Black Sea to the world .

HopaPort increased the indoor depot space being 2000 m2 as of the date of privatization to 18.220 m2, and the outdoor depot space being 54.000 m2 to 102,462 m2, and made new investments with high capacity forklifts, cranes, weighbridges, service vehicles, and machinery. These investments increasingly continue each passing day according to requirements. Moreover, with additional investments made to the Fuel Oil Terminal, the distribution capability has reached 38.000 cubic meter storage capacity.

By simplifying the arrival of cotton, shipped from Central Asia to the world, to HopaPort; Park Denizcilik, with its investments, continues to provide opportunities for transportation to both domestic market and other countries specified by the buyer companies. With ongoing investment in this field, HopaPort contributes to Eastern Black Sea substantially in economical aspects, and considered as the gate of the region to the world.  

HopaPort is not only Turkey’s, but also Black Sea’s and Central Asia’s one of the most important ports with the advantages of its geographical location, capacity, broad hinterland, as well as easy access to inland and abroad.


Land transportation to all Western and Eastern Regions via the Black Sea Highway, Hopa Port provides access to Turkish, Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries.


Hopa Port is the eastern port of the Black Sea Region. The port enables access to all countries from the Black Sea, Azov Sea, Caspian, Aegean, Mediterranean and worldwide ports. 

HopaPort is the easternmost port of the Black Sea Region. The port enables access to all countries in Black Sea and Azov Sea


Cargo Specific bulk handling services are provided with port cranes, pickup and rubber tire loading equipment for primarily wheat, coal, mineral ore, crushed stone and stones.


Steel products (steel roll, pipe, plate steel, profile), pallets, bagged goods and packaged goods are handled at HopaPort.

HopaPort features outdoor storage space and indoor warehouses, temporary customs and A-type bonded warehouse areas. Lashing services, professional welding and other mechanical services during general cargo loading and unloading operations are provided. The warehousing and open areas of the port provide safe storage and facilitate pre planning and stowage to out bound vessels, which enhances safe stowage and maximum use of space on board often providing an additional commercial bonus.


Discharging all kinds of project cargos and heavy lifts, providing terminal services, storage and trans shipment either direct or via quay. In addition the protected port environs are ideal for double banking operations for both general and heavy lift operations. Whilst recent operations include heavy lifts up to 600 metric tonnes units can be considered. The ability to receive heavy lifts from liner vessels and reload to both sea river vessels and barges has become a major feature of the port for project cargo shipments bound for Caspian ports and inland CIS destinations.


Container loading, unloading, shifting, terminal services, CFS services (container packing, unpacking, sampling, full inspection, etc.), IMCO class container services, container securing, and container repair services are provided at HopaPort.


Provides storage for diesel, fuel and similar products with 7 liquid tanks with 38.000 m3 liquid tank capacity in its own tank terminal, as well as distribution with its truck filling station. White Products (diesel and unleaded fuel) and Black Products (fuel oil) are stored in product storage terminal. 4 independent product circuits are available in the tank terminal being 6’’,8’’,10’’, and 12’’.Land tankers are serviced with 7 filling arms in 3 separate filling islands. Moreover, it is possible to discharge and store all kinds of industrial oils, raw sunflower seed oil, etc.


There are 5 steel construction silos on total 8300 tons of capacity with 3 units of 1.500 tons,2 units of 1900 tons erected on total of 5.000 m2 area in cement discharge, storing and transfer facility


There are 10 steel construction silos with 1000 tons capacity erected on total 18.770 m2 area in grain discharge, storing and transfer facility. Grain discharge, transfer and loading units are Hartmann Offenbach brand with remote control system, pneumatic vessel discharge equipment with 2 x 150 ton/h capacity and technical accessories, 2 units of truck loading bunker with 200 ton capacity, 200 meter long discharge conveyor system mounted on the dock and 30 meter long silo transfer conveyor and technical accessories. There are 2 units of electronic lorry weighbridges with 60 ton capacity


Domestic waste water, bilge water, oil waste, and sludge are collected with tankers. Wastes collected from vessels are temporarily stored in the facility and then forwarded for elimination at facilities authorized and licensed by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Waste collection service is provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


All kinds of domestic wastes generated at HopaPort are collected on continuous basis with our company’s cleaning and garbage collection trucks and dumped to the landfills. Waste collection service is provided 24/ 7


HopaPort supplies potable and utility water to HopaPort 7 days / 24 hours. Utility water is supplied via the valves located on each dock. Water supply capacity is approximately 20 ton/hour. The system is linked to the municipal water network. The utility water supplied at the port has analysis report, and copies are available upon request.


In HopaPort, maximum efforts are being performed for pilotage and towage services to secure human, commodity and sea periphery safety. In accordance with the Marine Undersecretary approval and applicable legislations; 1 experienced pilot captain and his experienced crew provide such services using 2 towboats and 3 mooring boats. The service is provided 7 days and 24 hours.


HopaPort provides special unlashing and lashing services for all project loads between 25 tons and 600 tons in accordance with the international standards and having international accreditation.


Vessels are supplied with electricity at HopaPort 24/ 7


Electronic lorry weighbridges 60 Tons capasity (2 Units)

Electronic lorry weighbridges 80 Tons capasity (2 Units)


Tugboat (Söndüren-7) 36 m. 2480 hp.

Tugboat (Hızırreis) 26 m. 900 hp.

Tugboat (Esenkıyı) 26 m. 900 hp.

Berth 10 m. 130 hp.

Berth 10 m. 180 hp.

Berth ( Marin-2) 9,12 m. 240 hp


Brand Capasity

Sisu 42 Ton


Brand Capasity

Mercedes Benz 1840 26 Ton

Mercedes Benz 1840 26 Ton


Brand Capasity Brand Capasity

Clark 5 Ton Hyster 2,5 Ton

Hyster 2,5 Ton Hyster 2,5 Ton

Hyster 2,5 Ton


Brand Capasity

The Fixed Crane Over The Dock Gür-İş 25 Ton

The Mobile Crane Over The Dock S.T.F.A. 10 Ton

The Mobile Crane Over The Dock S.T.F.A. 10 Ton

MOBILE CRANE Brand Capasity

Reggianne(MHC)40 Ton

Coles 25 Ton

Coles 10 Ton

Coles 10 Ton

Coles 10 Ton

Coles 10 Ton

Warehouses :


1) 5.200 sqm


18.220 m2 

2) 5.100 sqm



3) 1.800 sqm



4) 3.060 sqm



5) 3.060 sqm


102,462 m2



10.000 ton

10 Silo units of 1.000 tons


8.300 ton

2 silo units of 1.900 tons / 3 silo units 1.500 tons

1) 11.000 cbm


2) 11.000 cbm



38.000 cbm


3) 7.000 cbm


4) 6.500 cbm



5) 2.000 cbm

6) 500 cbm

7) 500 cbm