Due to Fethiye Harbour is located in the city center, it is very easy to reach places for

shopping,entertainment, cultural activities.

Maximum ships whose length is 150 meters can drop anchor to the Fethiye Municipality Seaport. If the ship is more than 150 meters passengers have to unship to the Turkish-flagged daily boats. Using life boat or service boat is not allowed.

There is no towboat service in Fethiye. We recommend the purchase of a towboat service before you plan your trip. Force of attraction is written as follows.

Cordinates of Fethiye Harbour: 36°37’27”N 29°6’35”E

The length of Fethiye Municipality Seaport:180 meters.

Draft:7,5 meters

Length of the ship Force of attraction (max)

Untill 200 meters Min 50 tons

Between 201-300 meters Min 60 tons

301 meters or more Min 90 tons

If you are planning to drop anchor to outside of Fethiye Harbour ,you need to get a permission from Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Services which is given in Fethiye Municipality can be listed as fuel supply, garbage dumping.

Passengers dont have to pay town toll when they want to be out of the ship.