Istanbul Port is the marine area in Istanbul Strait, made of the line joining Anatolia and Turkeli

Lanterns on the north and starting from the cape Kefedalyon to location at the gulf on the south at 3,8 miles distance, having the lines joining latitude 40.52.30 north, longitude 029.13.80 east and latitude 40.48.40 north, longitude 029. 09.00 east.Port services are supplied in Karaköy and Salıpazarı quays.

General Directorate of Turkish Maritime Organization is in a position to render the following

services which are among those stipulated in the articles of association, in line with profitability

and efficiency principles as per the legislation regulating its field of activity;

• Sheltering services to the passenger and tourist ships berthed at the port,

• Terminal and auto park services to the cruise passenger ships,

• Lounge services

• Supply of water to Turkish and foreign ships,

• Construction and management of mooring buoys,

• Pilotage, tug boat and mooring facilities,

Having been authorized to carry out the above services our Organization also meets the optional port services such as motor boat services, provision of floating cranes, pontoons, dredgers, equipment, equipped divers, supply of electricity to the ships, telephone lines connection, video camera services upon demand.


Length and average depth of quays in Port of İstanbul


Karaköy / 523 / 7-10

Salıpazarı / 627 / 10

Height of the Karaköy quay from sea level : 50-80 cm

Height of the Salıpazarı quay from sea level : 2-2.5 m

Endurance Strength of the Karaköy quay : 2 tons / square meters

Endurance Strength of the Salıpazarı quay : 2 tons / square meters