Port of Trabzon has an extensive hinderland, including North eastern port of Turkey, whole Caucasus, Iran and Trabzon is an Important international and national trade, transporttation and tourism center connected to the interior of the country by hisghwasys in an excellent manner

Trabzon and the Port, Where Sea Meets History

Trabzon, located on the historical Silk road became, a melting pot of religions, lamguages and cultures for centuries and trade gateway to Iran at the, east, Russia and Caucasus at the North.

Venetian and Genoese paid visit and slod silk, linen and woolen fabric. During Ottoman Period Trabzon, because of importance of port, became focal point of trade to Iran, India, Russia and Coucasus.

Silk Road and Trabzon

Historical Silk Road, for almost 2000 years hosted the caravans Carrying richness of the east of the to the west, connects two continents and theree sea basins, In addition to being trade route connecting Asia to Eupore, Silk Road ensured cultural exhange between civilizations. Silk Road, started in China and folowed different routes after Central Asia, the northern route reached Trabzon and precious goods of the east shipped from the port destined to Europe.

Modern Silk Road an Port of Trabzon

Trabzon is located at the cost of Black Sea Wihichas uninterrupted connection with the oceans and situated in a strategic point which is a ageway of a transit route leading to Iran, Russia and Central Asia, Trabzon plays an important role connecting these countries to Europe and international markets.