In 3500 B.C and together with the structuring of the city of Samsun, as of this date the region where there is Samsun Port now has been used as natural port of that time. In 1910, survey projects were made by English Engineering and Organization as the first serious port attempt; however they could not be put into practice because of First World War. Between 1926 and 1944, maritime trade services were provided with 7 wharfs founded in the region that lived the terms of wharfs. On 29.01.1944, it was transferred to order of General Directorate of State Ports Management and again at the same date to General Directorate of State Railways Port Management (its name at that period). On 01.03.1944, It was started to be operated actually with the purchased sea transport vehicles with and without machines. On 29.07.1953, it was transferred to TCDD with law no. 6186. Between 1953 and 1963, the port came into activity by carrying out pier and dock constructions. In 1990, industry dock came into activity. On 16 May 2008, Ceynak Lojistik ve Ticaret A.S. gained operating right for 36 years by giving the highest offer (USD-125.200.000) in the tender carried out by Directorate of Privatization Administration. As of 01.04.2010, the name of the port was changed as Samsunport Samsun Uluslararası Liman Isletmeciligi (International Port Management)A.S.

Samsunport is the biggest port of Turkey in Black Sea region and also the only port has a Railway Connection in Black Sea, Storage and port services are provided within 350.000 sqm port area of 445.000 sqm . In Samsunport, there are with 500.000 m/tons storage capacity steel Grain silos, Modern warehouses and and for both suitable to handle(storage and dispatch)cargoes up to 3 million Tons general cargo storage areas.


Working Hours : 24 Hours

Passenger Terminals : Yes

Total Length Of Quays : 428 M.

Compulsory Pilotage : Yes

Min And Max Draft : 9 M. /13 M.

Anchorage Availability : Yes

Min/Max Duration Of Stay : None

Bunkering Availability : Yes

No. Of Quays : 11 Car Park : Yes

Availability Of Tug Boats : Yes

Public Phones : Yes

Duty Free Store : Yes Dist. To

Carsamba Airport : 10 Km.

Duration Of Clearance : 20

Min Dist. To Central : 0.5 Km.

Hospital : 3 In 5 Km

Radius Bus pary : yes for 10 bus

Taxi Rank : Yes

Waste Reception Facility : Yes (Liquid & Solid)

Potable Water Supply: Yes (30 T/ H)

Small Mosque : Yes

Lat: 41 º 18 ‘ 00 “ N

Long : 36 º 22 ‘ 00 “

Repair Facilities : Yes

E Duty Free : Yes

First Aid : Yes

Postage Service : Yes

Cafeteria : Yes

Anchorage Area : Yes

Rental Cars : Available on request

ATM : Within walking distance,400 m.

Internet Access : Yes

Radio Call Chanel : Vhf Ch. 12&16

Main Port

Dock numbers 1-2-3-4-5 have a total length of 776 meters and a draft of 7,5 to 11 meters.

Dock number 6 has a length of 180 meters and a draft of 6 meters

Dock numbers 7-8 have a total length of 400 meters and a draft of 7,5 meters.

Industry Pier

Dock numbers 9-10-11 have a total length of 400 meters and a draft of 12,5 meters.

Dock number 12 is Rail ferry Ramp, suitable for 1435 and 1530 mm rail trucks.