İzmir Alsancak Port “Cruise Tourism” is a rapidly developing tourism type which targets the mass of middle and high bracket income tourists that bring high revenue to cities. When it comes to “cruise tourism” in our country, İzmir Cruise Port draws considerable attention with its rising performance for the last nine years. Because tourism takes a very important part in our Chamber’s vision for İzmir, our Chamber has initiated an operation to bring cruise ships to Izmir in 2004 with the goal of “Tourism for 12 Months”.

Izmir takes place among the four biggest ports for cruise tourism in Turkey (İstanbul, Izmir, Kuşadası, Marmaris) and ranks as the third biggest port in Turkey for cruise tourism according to 2012 statistics and first biggest port according to first three months in 2011.

Being in the tenth year of cruise tourism, Izmir expects 590.000 cruise passengers with 200 cruise calls until the end of 2013. It is obvious that over the long term our present port can not response to exigences of cruise tourism in our city. Therefore a new “İzmir Alsancak Cruise Port” project will be started for the construction of a new cruise terminal which will serve our goal for “3 million passengers” in a shorter time.